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    SHANGHAI POWERED AUTO PARTS CO., LTD,the brand originates from Hamburg, Germany. It contains the meaning of "powerful", to convey the entrepreneurial spirit of the company founder: never give up his dream on the forward march.

    Since 1993, the Enterprise has been founded. At the beginning, the company is mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of commercial vehicle accessories, quickly, it becomes the supporting manufacturer of the full line accessories for the international famous brand such as: MERCEDES BENZ、VOLVO 、SCANIA、MAN、RENAULT、VECO and DAF. Depend on the strict requirements for quality and services, Powered raised up rapidly, and established the global sales and service network in Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, free-trade zone of Dubai and Turkey, the products have been exported to the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and establish a close commercial relationships with nearly 1,000 customers in more than 80 countries and areas. Up to now, Powered has won a widely recognized good reputation in the field of high-end commercial vehicle accessory industry.

    In 2008, with the shift of strategic focus, Powered extends to the field of passenger car accessory area, and settled the car shock absorbers as a direction for breakthrough. For this aim, the company invested 15 million dollars to built a factory in Haining city, Zhejiang,China. The factory has the building area over 33,000 square meters, and introduced the full set of production line, which contains the international advanced equipment for shock absorber researching, producing, and testing. The first phase of the project has an annual output of 3 million shock absorbers. The factory also becomes the most powerful professional shock absorber manufacturers in China.

    Based on the advanced technologies and excellent manufacturing crafts which accumulated in the commercial vehicles auto parts area, with the help of the professional R&D team, Powered has owned a number of technology patents in the field of car shock absorber, including the new type of magnetorheological automotive shock absorbers. Meanwhile, Powered is developing the shock absorber within the mainstream car models, has developed more than 4000 kinds of shock absorbers, and used for Japanese, Korean, European, American market and other major market. Powered  has been established strategic partnership with Shanghai Volkswagen either.

    Powered has a complete quality control system, which has now obtained ISO/TS16949;ISO14001;OHSAS18001 and so on issued by institutions such as TUV and VDE etc. that are authorized by the German Department of Labor. By following Germany standards all the time, Powered quality has met and exceeded the requirements of the genuine auto parts.

    For more models, please contact us   Service Hotline:+86 400 865 0008